If you are buying or selling property or refinancing, FEMA (ACT BW-12) now requires you to have a

lgs_subdivision2340x800@2xA Subdivision Map is typically used by developers who want to break down one large parcel of land into smaller lots in order to build homes or commercial properties. LGS has also produced Subdivision Maps for individual homeowners who want to divide their piece of property into two or three parcels. It contains topographic and boundary data of the divided property and the adjacent properties. In the case of a large subdivision, new and improved streets, storm structures and other infrastructure are also depicted.

Once a Subdivision Plan is recorded with the County, the land developer can begin the design work for the new development. When a homeowner divides their land and has the Plan recorded, they can then sell the newly created parcels of land if so desired.

Land Grant Surveyors are attentive to our needs. From site design to layout and legal work they have always provided exceptional service, at very competitive rates. I don’t hesitate to recommend LGS to anyone needing survey work.
Stephen J. Artz- Your Towne Builders, Inc.
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