If you are buying or selling property or refinancing, FEMA (ACT BW-12) now requires you to have a

Auto Accident Forensic Studies

Accidents are unfortunate, but when they happen, we can assist the investigators in determining the cause by providing topographical data. An accident survey shows the spatial relationship of all the objects at or near the scene as well as the location’s physical attributes. We can locate trees, signs and other monuments and measure site distance, roadway curve, and other dynamics. These surveys can be used as evidence in an investigation or at trial.

Forensics is nothing new to Surveyors because the legal system has always been an integral part of a Surveyor’s job. Our procedures and assessments must be exact and in accordance with the law, so we’re up-to-date with current property and title law. We’re experts in establishing property boundaries, land location and the dependability of title documents. So whether a property line is in dispute or the location of objects in the commission of a crime needs to be mapped out, we provide the service and the expertise in getting to the bottom of the issue.

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