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3D Modeling

As an extension of LGS’s 3D scanning service, we can also empower your request with a 3D modeling service. 3D modeling is considered the logical extension of 2D CAD into the realm of 3 dimensions, but it is so much more. It offers substance and definition to point clouds, with a streamlining of the realistic effect given by 3D scanning. Contact us to find out how 3D modeling can benefit you. And while we are at it we can discuss a solid base on which to further build your project with………..

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Just as 3D modeling is the logical progression of CAD, Builiding Information Modeling (BIM) is the logical progression of 3D modeling; representing a giant leap forward for design and engineering. BIM allows us to not just VIEW data in 3 dimensional graphics, but interact with information through those very same grpahics. It allows us to apply “intelligence” to the graphical elements, by cross-referencing non-graphical information. It puts data behind your design, and in so brings a whole new dynamic to the engineering and construction process.

Why You Need It

Accuracy: BIM technology has grown exponentially over the years. And so has its ideology. BIM has evolved to pre-create what you are building virtually before it is built. Using its embedded intelligence, the model doesn’t just convey material information, but also defines relationships of material within the project. Also within a BIM, you are able to run any number of “realistic” scenarios to test designs for deficiencies.
3D BIM Modeling and 3D Printing at LGS in PA
Coordination: Ultimately the goal of a BIM model, other than improve accuracy, is to improve coordination. A weak point in the construction process has always been coordination between its many disciplines. Establishing the design in a BIM model relieves this allowing design conflicts to be exposed through clash detection or design incompatibility analysis. And these typical problem areas can be corrected easily, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner PRIOR to the beginning of construction.

Cost Savings: By decreasing the variability of your design accuracy and coordination effort, you increase your profit margin. You allow yourself to dispose of hundreds of little “detail problems” that typically eat away quickly at profit margins. And you allow yourself to complete design and construction in quicker time. Good product in quicker time, means bigger money. Simple.


PA Surveyor Building Information Modeling

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