If you are buying or selling property or refinancing, FEMA (ACT BW-12) now requires you to have a

Land Grant Surveyors Services throughout PA, MD, NJ, DE

When you need a survey done right, trust Land Grant Surveyors.

Surveying and mapping play vital roles in shaping the environment that surrounds us. When you need surveying and mapping services, our professional team will gather the pertinent information from various sources take measurements and observations in the field, research legal requirements and analyze the data in order to produce a successful product.

Not sure what kind of survey you need? Give us a call and we can give you free advice on what type of survey is necessary for your particular project. Or check out some of the services we provide listed to the left. No matter what kind of survey you need, we will personalize it to fit your needs. And you can be confident that it will be the most advantageous and cost-effective option.

And while it is our job to define the borders, LGS’ professionals take great pride in expanding the boundaries that shape great client relationships, define reliable documents, and provide solid foundations for every project.

Please call 717.285.7872 or email to learn how we can help you with your next project.

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